successful radio show yesterday and somebody loves one of my handwritten books

I feel great.

I drove to southern Minnesota yesterday to be on the radio KYMN out of Northfield.

The host of the program is Jessica Paxton and she's been a big supporter of my career.

I love working with her.

I could just talk to her forever.

We have a wonderful connection.

Yesterday, on the radio, she said all the things I would hope someone would think about my new album and where it's taking my my music and my musical life.

She got the whole thing.

Listen to the interview and live performance here.

Also, someone who bought one of my new handwritten books wrote a post on her facebook page about how much she loved it and how she felt it was written right to her.

That's exactly what I always hope someone will think!

So two bull's eyes.

As my daughter Nina said last night, "Mom, that's great, your work is aligning. You're aligning with the Universe and with other people."

I'm aligning.


Have a great day!

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