strange days indeed

The weather in Minneapolis is unrelentingly hot.

I got up at six, drank coffee on the back deck until six-thirty.

I got dressed in long pale denim shorts to cover my thighs from sun while biking, and sandals.

I wore a long sleeved white western shirt with pearl snaps.

Log sleeved white is cooler than sleeveless anything.

I watered the front and back, plants of all kinds and the lawns as well.

I headed out on my bicycle and rode until 10:30.

I took Tobi for a two mile walk after that.

Now it's twelve-thirty and I feel tired.

I'm going to keep doing this writing at noon like this, during the heat of the day, so I can use the early morning to be active.

Tomorrow's Fourth Of July but for Rob and I it'll be a quiet day because most people are gone to lake places, which we don't have access to this year.

We may walk to the city restaurant we like that's right by a beautiful old waterfall called the Minehaha Falls.

Tobi can come with us and you eat outside on your own picnic blanket.

It's a good plan and I'm looking forward to it.

You gotta just go with whatever works right now.

Love from sweltering Minneapolis.

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