Springtime Sunday morning

How beautiful life can be.

I am dwelling in a place of gratitude.

I am focusing on taking extra good loving care of myself, my mind, my body, my soul.

I'm loving everybody around me with extra care and tenderness.

Someone wrote on my blog "do not take medical advice from this blog".

I have never given anybody any medical advice in my entire life.

I was married to a doctor for fifteen years.

I know the difference.

Here's my advice, Courtney Yasmineh singer songwriter dreamer master of righteous indignation:

put your energy into taking extra good care of yourself and your life instead of putting extra energy into not catching a virus or getting a disease.

There, I said it.

Put your energy into building yourself up to be strong and healthy and as physically and mentally ready to handle anything that comes your way.

A doctor was on Twitter yesterday saying that he's seen time and time again that the patients who were the strongest going in have the best success rate of coming out of this Virus.

Not a surprise to anyone, right?

So, this morning as in all mornings, I'm thanking my God, I'm taking good care, I'm being all I can be.

I feel pretty good.

I hope you do too.



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