solo outdoor shows abounding and bravery increasing

I have many solo patio and street shows this month.

So many that I almost can't keep up with my students and clients who do mentoring sessions with me during the week.

We always knew that I was trying to see if I would become more and more of a teacher or more and more of an original artist.

Needless to say I was rooting for the original artist plan to win out.

Maybe it's just whatever you put your mind to the most.

I started out with nothing all over again at Rob's house in Minneapolis after losing the last of everything I had in the fight to stay in New York City and keep my beautiful tiny apartment and try to become a successful artist there.

I tried to get gigs and get students right away.

I got plenty of both.

The students blossomed into excellent fruitful relationships, with some students writing full length albums, some writing full length novels, some reaching adulthood and some successfully navigating a late in life career change.

The shows blossomed into residencies and many many solo opportunities plus invitations for me to play as a full band.

All around it's been a slow and steady build these three years.

The best news is that being a full time artist is becoming viable for me financially this summer.

That's mostly because I live at Rob's house and although I now pay all the utilities, I don't pay the mortgage payment.

I want to get to the point where I'm covering all my touring and recording expenses and still making enough to buy myself a new car.

I want the full time original artist path I'm on to take off and soar!

This Fall I'll be launching a new album and this album will help a lot.

I believe this one hundred percent.

So, it's a big big summer.

Love to you.

Do whatever it is you've been hoping to do.

Spend the money, take out the loan, get the courage up, charge it on your credit card.

Don't let anything stop you.

Do it.

Do all of it.

I see this now.

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