so much to do all of a sudden


Too much to get done!

How is this happening all of a sudden.

Taxes....1099s already one business day overdue.

I need to send the nice people who gave me my Northwoods artist award last year a bunch of work samples and information today.

I have homework for my screenwriting class tonight.

I have to keep making my handwritten small books because I have six new ones right now and I want to have a set of ten for my show at the Finnish Bistro this Wednesday.

I want to finish my newest song and play it Wednesday, plus keep working on playing a couple more Cat Stevens songs for Feb 20 at the Parkway Theater.

Plus, I want to keep doing the HOME yoga with Adriene videos every morning.

The last three days in a row it was warm enough to jog outside so I've added in a three mile outdoor jog every day too.

All of this takes a lot of time.

Plus many emails.

I wrote to every single business card I was given at the Folk Alliance conference and now many of those industry people are responding.

Many are asking that I mail them CDs.

So much to do!

I hope I can stay strong and get it all done.

Tonight is my class, tomorrow night I play at a songwriter in the round thing at Unmapped Brewing in Minnetonka, the next night is my Bistro show.

Thursday I do a live radio show to promote upcoming appearances in Northfield.

Friday I have a new artist consultation client.

Big week.

Then next weekend is Ely, Minnesota for to shows!

I hope I can do a great job following through on what is manifesting here.

Love and Light to you.

Also, a special thanks to Michael and Dennis and others in Europe who are helping me cobble together a great new tour plan for August and September 2020.


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