so much

So much.

I rode my bicycle to the Bryant Lake Bowl this morning, leaving the house at 7:30am and arriving about an hour later.

I had a delicious coffee and a homemade peanut butter cookie next door at the coffee shop..

I went next door and met a DJ from the most important radio station in town.

I had an omelette full of fresh vegetables.

He had an omelette too.

I paid for his breakfast because he was nice enough to agree to meet with me to hear about my new album coming out soon.

I talked a lot.

He earned his breakfast.

He is a great person.

I respect him thoroughly.

He may like the record, he may not.

I gave him a burned cd of the entire thing in the correct album order, but it just says my name and he name of the album on it, no song titles or song credits.

This guy knows his stuff.

He'll know every song immediately.

I don't think I could possibly stump him.

But can I win him over?

Only if he hears something lovable in these recordings.

I never did have any control over that.

Neither did Rob the producer.

I was going to choose these songs and sing them.

Rob was going to play wonderful backing parts and bring Jon James in to help with guitars.

Rob was going to sing all sorts of divine backing parts.

We were going to do our very best and make our very best decisions.

But that's it.

That's all we could do.

The entire premise of the album can be questioned by anyone, the thought behind it, the motivations around it.

The thing is going to say something about me, probably it's going to say things about me that I could not anticipate.

I have no control.

I never did.

I am praying and I am grateful.

I do have high hopes and beautiful visions.

And I have this album, we have this album.

I hope it is received by all who hear it as the gift it was intended to be.

That's what I hope. 

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