snow day lessons

I woke up to steadily falling snow this morning.

Snow flakes falling with determination, with no sign of letting up.

They've got the ground covered already and it's almost time to get out and shovel off the walkways around Rob's little house.

Fine by me.

My artist consultation with one of my favorite songwriters will be rescheduled to later in the week, so that's okay.

The other thing I need to get done is send some end of year business related emails to a couple of promoters I work with in Europe.

That's okay too, I'll make myself get those done.

I'm going to keep working on my massive closet make-over as well.

We have fresh pasta in the refrigerator, spinach and mushroom ravioli, so there's a good early dinner to look forward to, probably around one or two in the afternoon.

We have several bottles of red wine left over from our holiday party, so we get to open one of those with the pasta too.

My daughter Nina did a fun thing yesterday and advertised Tarot card readings on Istagram and eight people signed up so she worked late into the evening doing all the readings and recording her findings for each person in a voice message that she sent back to each one.

The clients wrote back telling her she was "spot on" with each one!

Isn't that crazy? and wonderful?

They each paid her through Paypal and she has some extra money in her account today.

She only charged five dollars for each reading and then quickly realized that it's worth much more.

She says she's going to try it again another day at ten dollars.

Anyway, between my new Depop shop and her photography and new Tarot reading work, and my wonderful artist clients, and my upcoming real shows, we are keeping the wolf away from the door.

And I've had such wonderful donated gifts throughout the holidays from supportive fans.

Not to mention that Rob pays the mortgage.

It's a happy house of people who are determined to do the work they love.

I did a Tarot reading for myself yesterday, inspired by what Nina was doing, and mine was spot on too.

I had the Hermit card of quiet contemplation and study, and I had the Knight of Pentacles card, which represents the diligent hard work, not glamorous, not abundant, but the makings of a good solid future harvest.

That's perfect!

Don't rush, don't push. 

Be lead.

Be lead by inspiration.

Move when the moment is right, not because you feel fear and panic and dread.

Don't push people to make things happen.

Let others work with you by their own inspiration as well.

This is all new to me but it's about Faith in the Co-Conspirator.

You're co-conspiring with your Maker, whatever or whomever you think that is, and it's been happening since the day you were conceived or probably before that even, maybe since the Dawn Of Time, whenever that was.

I had that kind of Faith as a child.

I wanted to join the church choir because I had a burning desire to do so.

I joined it and I never wanted to miss a single rehearsal or Sunday service.

I just went with it one hundred percent.

When I ran away to Northern Minnesota at seventeen and ended up living alone in the cabin in the deepest coldest months of winter, I made it out to the school bus stop every morning, no matter what, because I wanted to get to that fun warm school full of interesting characters and the teachers who had such great indomitable spirits.

(if you haven't read the book about this, here it is )

The only way I got to go to college was because the principal of that tiny school got me a Greyhound bus ticket and sent me down to interview with a friend of his who was the head of the English Department at a really nice liberal arts college that gave out academic scholarships. (again, for more about this, read the book, link above).

Later I got a job in Advertising and worked for a Wonderful Black Woman who is still a mentor and supporter to this day, and I only got that job because I was working in the Children's Shoe Department and the nice old guy there who was my boss told me to apply for the Proofreading job in the company's in house Advertising Department because he thought I should use that college degree I just got.

I was lead.

I could go on and on with these.

Every important thing I've had happen was something that came to me, was revealed to me, came to me and met me half way out of the mist of the unknown.

Learn to be patient.

Learn to love the present moment.

Learn to blossom in the soil where Life finds you.

Learn the lessons of patience and faith.

And learn to obey the directions you get from the divine.

Don't be a coward when the suggestions are made.

Be ready.

Be ready to act and then do it.

That's what it's all about.

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