small isolated gestures

Small isolated gestures can win the day.

That's a description for doing arm exercises.

It's also a prescription for getting things done on a sweltering hot day...which today already promises to be.

It's also how the best things can develop.

My daughter Ava is back in Denver and she has a new business idea.

I would be a consultant in this new business of fixing up run down residential properties.

This may be contributing to gentrification, I don't know yet.

Maybe for every high end thing they do they could do an affordable housing the same school district...which could turn her business into a social service model...which would be wonderful.

But all I did was do what I've always done by my most basic nature, just hanging stuff on walls, putting up curtains, painting things that are looking tired, making rooms look and feel inviting.

All those gestures of mine over many years have affected my daughter, she says.

I didn't realize it would teach her something but it has.

Ido think that when you tend your home with love people act better.

People act better in beautiful spaces where the care of others is in evidence.

Okay, not always.

But it can make a difference.

On a hot early summer day, I'm going to continue to make small gestures that make this house a jolly respite for all who enter.

I'm going to chip away at the songwriting.

I'm going to do some arm exercises so I can continue to wear sleeveless shirts when I play guitar on stage into my sixties.

Cheers, mates!

Have a good day!


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