Sister C, God is testing us

My big brother, whom I adored in spite of it all, used to look at me when the going had gotten very very rough, and it did indeed get very rough, and he would say, "Sister C, God is testing us." 

I would laugh. 

The dog always gets sick in the hardest moments. 

Let this be said, in every trying time I have ever lived through, the dog always gets sick right in the middle of it. 

My dog Aidan has taken ill. 

He got sick right around the time last week when I bought my plane ticket for my big opportunity to go to the Folk Alliance. 

God is testing us. 

I leave tomorrow at five in the morning, but as I write this my little dog is curled up in pain in his little bed, with labored breathing, and going out to the backyard every hour or so, and just having a very bad go of it in general. 

Yesterday I spent some of my house concert cash at the veterinarian, getting him checked out, but to no avail. 

We'll be there again this morning because things are not naturally improving, in fact, have gone from bad to worse. 

I'll be leaving him in very good hands with his beloved Nina and also his favorite guy Rob. 

They'll both be around a lot and he'll never be home alone the whole time I'm gone. 

If he makes it. 

We'll get x-rays today. 

We really don't know but it's obviously a digestive problem, or it's certainly affecting his digestion, whatever it is. 

He's eleven years old. 

He lived with me in Manhattan and I used to take him to the statue of Balto in Central Park in the mornings, and I'd read the plaque to him about how Balto saved the stricken children of Nome, Alaska by bringing the vaccine through on dog sled. 

My Aidan has been a hero in our lives. 

He got me through the fall. 

As everything fell away, what remained was my love of home and family, and Aidan represented home to us all. 

We landed in a safe haven three and half years ago, at Rob's house, and Aidan finally had his very own big backyard. 

He's had a wonderful time here, the perfect life in all respects for a little dog. 

I hope he pulls through. 

If he doesn't, I can say he lived a great life. 

I am going to my conference opportunity. 

I'm not missing this. 

To my big brother in Heaven, and to my Dad too, who never got to see that his daughter repented and ended up loving him after all was said and done, yes, God has tested us, and God is testing us, but Sister C stands tall. 

Have a great day, friends. 

See you in NOLA tomorrow! 


Josephine Lane January 21, 2020 @06:17 pm 

Prays for Aidan and you have a wonderful safe adventure in New Orleans.

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