Silver Bay tonight!

I'm heading North today!

It's beautiful late summer Minnesota weather today, highs in the 70's across the state.

I'm wearing some of my unique new vintage pieces that I culled from my recent styling sessions and photo shoot.

I'm playing a solo house concert in a massive log home that looks out over the wilderness and the Great Lake beyond.

It'll be great to be there presenting this new metamorphosis of mine.

Rob burned a pile of cds for me so that these people can buy my new album...custom copies...before anyone else hears it.

The packaged cds with the booklet inside and everything come from the printers on August 22nd or 23rd.

So exciting.

The team of Rob Genadek as producer, Magic Marc Percansky as executive producer, Jon James guitarist on the record, Jon Hunt art director, Nina Louisa Yasmineh photographer, and myself, have come together to complete the nicest project of my career so far.

I have never been more excited, never been so excited, to roll out a new album.

I am doing what I always meant to do.

I am succeeding at being who I knew I was.

I'm succeeding at being myself.

That's the success I was always shooting for I guess.

Last night with the trio was marvelous.

We are getting it right and I love it.

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