Signs from the Holy Spirit

There was an outpouring of support for my writing yesterday on this blog...see yesterday's post.

People wrote to me privately and publicly, across all of my social media sites, and to me directly in texts and emails.

Some comments were written right on the blog post, which you can read if you go back to yesterday's post.

No one said I should watch out because I'm getting off track, or losing my mind.

If some people think that, they're keeping it to themselves.

The people who wrote to me all had the same strong feeling that this thing I'm doing is good.

I agree.

And the Holy Spirit and The Universe seem to agree as well.

The signs yesterday afternoon were magical.

I decided to leave the house, even though I didn't have any outside employment yesterday.

I got in my Jeep and headed for the only place I know where I can sit and write before a log burning fire, with a nice drink beside me.

On the way, a loud sputtering car roared up beside me on a snowy side street, coming up on my left, low down and aggressive on the narrow street, pushing past me kicking out snow chunks as it sped ahead of me.

I was thinking "knock yourself out, person" as they went by.

They cut right directly in front of me then in the most noticeable way possible, nearly clipping my bumper, letting out a bellow of exhaust right into my windshield, such an obnoxious car, impossible to ignore......

and then I saw it......

as I was scrunching up my face in disgust at this low down car right in front of me....

the license plate, reading, "JESUS MN".


That's what it said.

Impossible to ignore, indeed.

I went to the new favorite cafe with the wood burning fireplace.

I ordered myself an extravagance of a smoked salmon grain bowl with wild rice and roasted sweet potatoes and spinach leaves and dried cranberries.

They also make this hibiscus tea drink with Prosecco in it, so I got that too.

I sat down by the fire with my notebook and pen.

I had been thinking about this idea from yesterday of writing to my ten year old self and reassuring her that good fortune is upon us.

I brought with me a notebook given to me by a great fan and supporter.

The notebook has "Tea For The Tillerman" Cat Stevens' great album, depicted on the cover.

I chose this notebook because I liked this exact album so much when I was young, and I vaguely thought maybe I liked it around the time I was ten.

I sat down and began to write.

My food came, I enjoyed every bite with gratitude.

I went back to the writing.

Then I decided to take a break and check my phone.

Among the many emails of support from fans who had read my blog post that morning, there was an email from a booking agent.

She wrote asking if I would like to play a show at the very nice old Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, she books a series that is a live music performance by a songwriter and then there's a classic film shown after.

She wanted to have me perform before a showing of "Harold And Maude".

She said that she loves my new cover tunes album, which is great because she's also a radio host of a new music program on an independent radio station.

She said she had the idea for the movie because of my rendition of the Cat Stevens song "Father And Son" on my new album.

With a couple of emails we agreed to a price and I gleefully accepted the offer.

I went back to my writing, but I thought suddenly that it would be interesting to see when "Harold And Maude" was first released.

I looked it up.

The movie was released when I was ten years old, 1970-71.

Then I looked up "Tea For The Tillerman", the Cat Stevens album, and discovered that it was also released that same year.

I sure guessed right when I chose to write in that notebook about what my life was like when I was ten.

And the booking invitation coming at the same time?

Such a nice miracle.

I closed my eyes, sitting by that fireplace, reveling in the magic of what had just occurred.

When I opened my eyes again, there beside me in the other cozy chair by the fire was suddenly Rob Genadek!

I laughed out loud!

He said he had come in and saw me sitting with my eyes closed.

He thought I had dozed a the public place...sleeping.

No I wasn't sleeping, but it was a great surprise.

He ordered us each a hibiscus affair was drained by then.

I told him of my recent miracles and he listened happily.

He invited me to his show that evening where he was playing the drums with one of his favorite local indie bands.

He left after his drink and I stayed and wrote some more.

Then I got in my Jeep and headed home again.

I stopped at a red light, and sat pondering the lyrics to a few songs from Cat Stevens, thinking about how I'd learn a couple more again for the special movie show.

I looked up to watch the light change and I saw that the cross street was "Stevens Avenue".............

There's a book I'm reading called "A Course In Miracles".

The female author contends that the book was really written by none other than Jesus Christ himself...through her...and hey, I'm not in any position to argue these seeming insanities any more.

The book says that when you see all these small signs, and big signs, and miracles of all shapes and sizes are coming at you one after another, this means you are aligned with the Holy Spirit.

It means you are using your creative mind instead of your competitive mind.

It means you are in step with God's abundance instead of your fearful ideas of lack.

I have everything I need today.

A friend and fan gave me a forty dollar gift card to Cub Foods.

Our cupboards are a bit bare.

It's time to go use the card.

I'm going to walk to the store this morning and get everything we need.

Praise be to whatever God you can muster, and whatever Holy Spirit you can feel in your heart and all around you.

Be lavish with yourself.

Have a great day.


Also, I'm going to make some more of my "holy spirit 2019" t shirts today.

I have a nice show tomorrow and I want the shirts to be on my merch table in a nice neat stack.

I sold out of the first set of them.

For tomorrow's show I have the new pressing of "High Priestess And The Renegade" which sold out, and I have more copies of my novel as well.

I have the new album, and I have just about everything else I've done in cd or vinyl as well.

I'm prepared.

I have everything I need.


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