shows every day this week

I'm playing shows every day.

This started last week and is continuing full force this week.

Every show but one has a guarantee of at least $100 base pay and the highest pay for me solo this week is $350.

The shows are all two to three hours.

Some I have to drive twenty minutes.

The ones this weekend I have to drive four hours but I get to stay in my own beautiful little cabin on Lake Superior as part of the deal.

Next weekend I drive North again, this time to Ely, MN to give a concert at the wilderness center where I am the artist in residence for 2019....that's the award I won on the strength of my first novel and my High Priestess And The Renegade album.

You all know where I want this trail to head....straight to the Newport Folk Festival big stage.

How long will that take?

My feeling is, not long now.

But bragging about nothing is dumb.

I only want to say that this level of career development that I have reached this summer feels very positive.

Last night the show was during a huge, truly huge, thunder storm.

My phone was giving off emergency alerts!

Two girls came running in from the parking lot in the middle of the storm..and my set...completely soaked and laughing but also freaking out because they had driven through what they thought was a "puddle" in the road that had turned out to be so deep that their little old car stalled as the water rose around them...up to the car windows! They couldn't get the doors open and they both escaped by putting the windows down somehow and swam/walked to the brewery for help!

My songs took a backseat to the storm and it was not the most gratifying musical evening.

This is one of the reasons that at this type of a brewery during happy hour...base pay is very important.

There is no guarantee that conditions will be favorable to me making real connections with new fans or current fans.

I did sell a few CDs and a red vinyl record, and a woman came up and told me she had read my novel and loved it.

Okay, so, the other thing to report is that the new cover tunes record has a new fancy eloquent name, and it's nearly finished, and it will have a fancy booklet listing all the lyrics plus a paragraph from me about each of the songs.

Oh damn, I'm so excited for this album to come out.

Prayers of love all around, for the songs and for the brilliant people who wrote them.

I hope this album shines like a beacon of something from the past out into the future.

Let it be a bridge, just one of many we can create, from where we've been to where we want to go.


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