show tonight in Faribault..Day Of The Dead..November 1st

Tonight I have a show an hour south in Faribault.

Very fun cool distillery and attached wine and beer bar.

There's a big room behind for performances with a nice stage and that's where I'm playing.

It's a solo show, but I learned from the last time I was there that people want to Rock Out so I'm bringing my extra PA speaker.

It's also The Day Of The Dead or All Saints' Day, so I'm gonna wear my colorful sequin mini dress and my colorful fake fur short jacket, my over the knee bad ass black suede boots, and I'm bringing my light up skulls to decorate the stage.

No fucking around. This is one of those nights when I want to go all out for the people.

I'm going to make sure I've got plenty of my new album with me, and also Rob rustled up ten more copies of High Priestess And The Renegade somewhere at the studio so I'll have that in stock again.

I'm ordering a hundred more of that, the internet version, in cd form, to have for my merch table for the holidays.

I'm also designing a new t shirt today that I may be able to wear by my Tuesday show if I get it right.

And, I designed a new full length black taffeta and tulle skirt and it's finished.

I'll be wearing that for holiday events with a black lace bodysuit and my black leather jacket.

I don't know why I'm so psyched on fashion right now but I am.

Nina and I are doing a holiday fashion shoot on Saturday afternoon and then we're going out to another new bar she wants to see.

Okay, well, it's the Day Of The Dead, so remember to say hello to all the people you've loved and lost because the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest at this time of the year.

Don't freak yourself out though.

I'm going to dedicate my show to my brother and I'm sure he'll be in attendance.

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