she jumped from the high bridge across the Mississippi

Last night we went to have sushi, outdoors, proper distancing, very great set up.

My son and his girlfriend, Rob and me.

We went in one car and the sushi place is only a mile from our house, but you have to cross the high bridge over the great Mississippi to get there.

Minneapolis and ST. Paul are divided by that mighty river.

When we were returning home around eight, noting the beautiful sunset on a hot summer night, we saw the emergency vehicles on the bridge.

They say she was young and blonde.

They say she left her flip flops neatly tucked to the side of the railing.

We don't know if her body was retrieved, but there were witnesses who say they saw her climb the railing, jump, and fall to the rushing current below.

That bridge is just before the locks system.

It's like rapids there.

What can we do?

What can we do to lift up all the suffering souls?

How do we save the wild animals, save the majestic trees?

How do we make sure no child is neglected or abused?

How do we make sure no dog is left in a hot car?

Fourth Of July Twenty Twenty has to be the first day of the new chapter for this great land, a land originated by the great Ice Age and the movement of glaciers.

Less emphasis could be placed on the US of A and more on the land that has always been, unnamed by conquerors, unspoiled by fools.

Happy Independence Day to all those who yearn for independence right now, living on this soil on this continent.

And all around our planet, independence day for our forests, all our living creatures.

I hope our world survives us.

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