several updates

First of all, if you missed the live show from Saturday night, we'll have it up on Youtube later today as a permanent film.

You'll be able to watch at your leisure.

My favorite magician Marc Percansky magically suggested this concept to me.

We can keep sharing the film for a week or two and keep sharing the gofundme "ticket" link as well.

Why not?

That would be great!

So whenever someone watches it they get the whole show and they can make a donation if they feel the Spirit move them.


Next thing, my mother is not doing better.

We took a lot of time having her come stay with us, mostly because she was so alone in her apartment that she was becoming more and more delusional and afraid.

We worked with her doctor to get her a new pill to reduce psychotic brain disorders...she's probably been a paranoid schizophrenic all her life just like my brother, but she's been very high functioning, very independent.

She took the pills when she stayed with us and although they didn't seem to help, we sent her home with them hoping they would start to build up some level of clarity in her brain.

My mother hates women and loves men.

All her delusions are about women doing terrible things.

She has always accused me of doing terrible things.

Although, she has also always accused her husbands of doing terrible things too so that's not a hard and fast rule.

She says now that a woman came into her apartment and stole all her medications.

Oh geez.

Well, I hate to say it but she's never staying here again, ever.

I couldn't take it.

I've been madly cleaning floors and windows, reorganizing, revitalizing the entire house ever since she left.

Truth be told, her departure was nearly the same day as Nina's departure for L.A.

And the morning Nina left was when I got my unemployment check for four weeks of back pay deposited into my bank account.

It was like a sign, and the sign read "NEW ERA APPROACHING!"

I can't go back.

Having Nina here for a year was wonderful.

I learned so much, maybe more than she did.

But Rob and I are ready to start our new relationship now and we need the house to ourselves.

Last night we had the big wool rug in the master bedroom together.

We had out the vacuum, the duster, the swiffer....every sort of thing to banish dirt and dust.

The rug is very nice and in perfect shape but it needed to be pulled out from under the queen size bed and really cleaned and then turned so the newest part is in the doorway now.

We did it and we had fun getting the job done.

Afterwards we sat in the clean as a whistle living room and ate cheese and bread, olives and grapes, and drank some wine.

Rob said we were talking together in a way we hadn't in years probably.

During the time Nina was living here we both put her first.

And before that we put music first, put my career first.

Always strategizing about how to get the world to hear my music.

Always planning the next grueling but wonderful tour.

After we had sat for a while congratulating ourselves on how clean the master bedroom is, the all day rain came to an end.

In the early evening we took Tobi for a long walk together.

What a life it can be for two people if you are in sync with each other, if you appreciate each other's company.

What a gift this can be.

My mother has somehow gotten Rob's phone number which we always agreed she shouldn't have.

I knew if she had it she'd call him all the time.

Well, we don't know how she got it but now she has it and she's using it.

She called him last night saying that he had to stop me because I was going to do "something terrible to the children and they've already suffered enough".

She asked him to please try to stop me.

Oh For God's Sake.

How much of this will we all have to endure...including her?

Luckily if she calls the police to tell them I'm doing something terrible to my children this will be an easy thing to disprove.

But there's nothing good about this.

She's getting all new prescriptions today.

We'll see how this goes.

So there's a lot of good and some not so good, as in all of life.

If you're still reading, I'll add that I'll going to do a June porch concert series.

Four Saturday nights in June.


Not LOUD, but amplified.

Bring out the Guyatone.

Sing like it's a real show, not like I'm singing for the first time in weeks, after a long illness, from my guest room...haha.

If you can drive here, you should come.

Motels are open, my daughter just stayed in several on her drive to L.A.

You could drive here, stay at a Motel 6 for like $50.

The show will be from 6-7pm I think.

That way, if we're having fun we could go another forty-five minutes and still be finished for the sake of the neighbors by 8pm.

I can ask someone to film it live too and put it up each Saturday night just like this last show.

Then you could also watch it the next day on Youtube again too.

It could be cool.

It will probably be fun.

I guess the rain date would always be the following night, Sunday.

I love the idea so I'm going to try it.

People show up with a cooler for themselves and a folding chair.

They set up on the sidewalk, on the lawn.

They can stay apart, they can wear masks, they'll be out in the open air.

I put out a real tip bucket on the edge of the porch.

I stand on my covered but open front porch and I sing.

I can't wait.

 Life is grand.

Let's live it up!

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