seven times as lucky as the girl I used to know

I wrote a song a long time ago called "Seven Times As Lucky".

It's on one of my albums....maybe Beautiful Lonely.

It's a nice song about how rough things used to be for me and how good things are now.

" let the Sun flow through your fingertips,

warm on your hands in the afternoon,

the ice is gone and the summer's come

I know you never dreamed the Sun would come again..."

That's the third verse.

Such a nice sentiment.

I'm happy for these songs I've written.

They're such strange gifts because it seems obvious to me looking back that they were written in some kind of divine trance.

There's no way I could just sit down and write something that nice.

It's a miracle.

Also, did you see this nice guy singing my song Tangled Web?

That's another song written by divine inspiration for sure.

I'm full of gratitude for my songs.

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