serve others

Today I launched a set of four consultations for new artist clients.

Four hour-and-a-half sessions for $250 instead of the individual cost of $300.

One session is $75 usually.

Artist consultations feed me more than the money they generate.

I've come to be very humbled by these interactions with other people who care about songwriting and writing and performance as much as I do.

I learn so much from these artists.

Often they show me new chord progressions, new grooves to play with.

Often they recommend to me books that are inspiring them.

Often they make me feel better on a cold winter's day.

Always, they leave me feeling that they've done as much for me, or more, than I can imagine I have done for them.

Often I get a message from them saying very much the same.

I'm grateful to be able to serve others.

Stories need to be told.

Feelings need to be honored.

The great artist in you needs to be heard.

I am surrendering to my own path even as I help others on their own way.


Have a great day.

Pray for Australia, pray for our world.

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