second post today

 It's about ten in the evening here in freezing cold Minneapolis. 

I have a lot on my mind. 

One pressing thing is that Rob G read my blog post from this morning and told me that it made me seem ungrateful and self-absorbed. 

I think he may well be correct. 

My idea about this blog is to honor the truth in us all by not deleting the lousy stuff. 

I'm not a saint. 

And I think success or people counting on me sometimes brings out the worst in me. 

I'm maybe the kind of person who needs to lose because when I win I turn into a jerk. 

We shall see. 

The important thing for me is to be honest about my true ugly thoughts and let the reader decide if this is good entertainment or illuminating reading or whatever, or just garbage. 

You tell me. 

You usually do. 

I am counting on you. 

Good night. 


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