slight fever set back again....geez

This Virus is scary.

I haven't been able to ever be tested, but when I went to the ER three weeks ago they sent me home saying I should assume I have it and act accordingly.

"Act accordingly" must include having it come back over and over again, because that's all that keeps happening over here.

I had three or four days at a time with little to no symptoms what so ever.

Then it would come back.

This time I thought it was gone for good.

Last night it came back, a little.

Sore throat and slight fever.

I am what I am, a fifty-nine year old woman with asthma.

I'm doing everything I can, except maybe I have too much hope and I try to take a shower and get dressed and start living a little.

So for now, more rest.

Back in bed, last night and now for the day today, in Rob's big bathrobe because it's the warmest, and a wool scarf wrapped around my neck.

Rob's flannel pajama pants.

My favorite big wool socks.

Keeping it classy, sexy, and stylish.

Ha, ha, not exactly.

Love to all.


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