sad sad song

I got up this morning and wrote a sad sad song.

I sent it off in a small phone recording to a trusted promoter/art critic/supporter/mastermind friend.

I added the one sentence, "is this too sad?"

We'll see what he thinks.

After I sent it off I got an idea for another verse, so now it's even sadder probably than the version he received at 8am.

I guess I can't edit a song that's in my mind before I write it.

You just have to let it out and let if fly.

Later you can play it for people and you'll see for yourself if anybody ever wants to hear that one again.

That's my philosophy.

I guess it always has been.

My entire Sufi Line album is just whatever I could eek out, set down on paper, set to music, arranged and made into recordings.

Then let the people decide.

The other way to do this, much more time consuming, can take years that I don't have especially right now, is to play the songs live before you record them.

I used to have time for that.

Maybe I do again and I'm not aware yet.

One thing I realized just yesterday is that my old ways of being creative are coming back to me.

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday afternoon tying blue ribbons to some tiny finishing nails on the wall in the guest room.

I sorted out a bunch of my earrings and I strung them on the ribbons hanging on the nails on the wall.

It looks cool and it's a lot more sanitary and well organized than the glob of dusty jewelry that's been piling up in a dish in the bathroom.

It also successfully kept me from having to face any kind of writing for at least a couple of hours.

But then this morning, here came this new sad sad sad song.

I figure it's out of the way now.

It's a song I don't have rolling around taking up space in my brain.

It's over.

You guys can decide.

I don't even care one way or the other.

Of these new songs I'm writing I'm positive there are at least a few that each person would like...especially if they already like my live shows.

These new songs aren't a departure, they're actually a honing of the live show style and vibe.

Very good situation to be in, I feel.

I'm praying that this era of my life continues to blossom because I'm loving it.

Best wishes for an excellent day.

I have my last screen writing class of the semester tonight.

I have to decide whether to sign up for the next session July 15-Sept 1.

I hate to lose momentum on my screenplay that's just starting to take shape.

But it's also very attractive to me to take this break now for the rest of the summer and begin again in September with their Fall session.

I would be signing up out of fear that I'd never get my momentum back.

But the July-August classes may feel like a grind after doing every week since last February.

I think I may take this session off and promise myself I'll be back at it in September.

Opinions always welcome and appreciated.



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