ruined for life

She's a cherub and an angel

she's a cruel little thief

she'll steal your heart when you least expect it

and she'll ruin your belief

in love


she's the actor and the playwright

she's the child and the queen

she'll bring you flowers when you least expect it

but she'll crush you in between 

the pages

like an insect who just ran across her scene


You might as well face it

get down on your knees and take it

you're ruined for life now

you've seen her eyes glow red

you've seen the snakes writhing on her head

you've seen the face of God in her eyes and now you're blind

so just fall in line

because you'll never recover

and there's no one else like her

you'll carry her take out 'til the day you die


you're ruined for life now

ain't no use in wondering why

she's a piece of the sky

and you're nothing but a goddamn rain cloud passing by


So far you've played it right

kept your love for her locked up tight 

you knew from the first

it would take a long time to reveal it

like maybe on her deathbed or yours

once the game is over and the cat's about to die


So let her live!

Like the glamorous sphinx that she is!

Let her fly!

Like a handmade plane

with wings of white swan feathers 

of all the gorgeous swans that have ever died!


Be her dream

of what life could have been

if she'd been able to be normal

if she'd kept her hands out of the sky

It's always time to fly

when you got beautiful white wings like that

you better believe it's always time to fly


No prison can hold her now

she's so free

all she cares about is living her dream

everyone around her sees the beauty

wonders at her ray of light

that makes it all feel right


She's a master of deception

she's a truth telling madame

she's a man who's been corrupted by his power

she's a single flower

blooming unapologetic

on a hillside on the borderline


she's a magician

a mathematician

she's a beauty queen

and everything in between

you might as well accept it

get down on your knees and give thanks

for all she's been and all she's yet to be


it's not up to you

and you didn't do it

it's not your problem

and you can't fix it

it's not the way you were or the way you are

or the way you managed her gale wind force since the day you met her

you're the gardener

who came out to water

and found a monsoon

had come and washed it all away

set a brighter day

for the master

and the playwright

for the temptress

and the gale force

for the virgin

and the mother

and the woman who gives it all away

and never bothers to stay

send her roses

and then just walk away




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  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    Great lyrics.

    Great lyrics.

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