Rolling Thunder Revue film!

You should watch the Rolling Thunder Revue film that Martin Scorsese just put out.

I think it's very inspiring.

I watched it by myself last night on Netflix.

I loved everything about it.

Don't think of it as a documentary and then you won't get all hung up about the wrong stuff.

Just let it be a creative story made into a creative full length film.

Maybe if you really don't like the style of Bob Dylan's music, then maybe you won't like it.

But I don't personally see how any human being could come away feeling anything less than inspired to seek freedom and creativity in their own lives.

I'm going to have my first band practice with my all new band tonight!

We're playing my show in Northfield this coming Friday night June 21st!

Bass and drums and me.

Should be really fun!

And tomorrow is my June residency at the Bistro.

See you soon!

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