rolling along

I'm rolling right along this weekend.

I played my vineyard show yesterday afternoon and sold five copies of my novel and many cds.

I sang for three hours straight and only took a five minute break because I really wanted to keep singing since there were people listening.

It was fun and I felt happy the whole time.

I went to see my daughter Nina's new band play last night and that was wonderful too.

She's really great as a songwriter and singer.

She isn't playing an instrument at all in this band even though she plays guitar and keyboard/piano quite well.

It makes her seem more dramatic in her vocalizing when she doesn't have to pay attention to playing an instrument too.

It was great.

I have today off, so I'm going to ride my bicycle and get the Sunday New York Times.

Pretty soon now, maybe even this week, they'll have their Fall Fashion insert and I love that.

I live for Fall Fashion.

I don't care if that's stupid.

I do.

Also, my new music video is ready.


I have to decide if I'm going to go around all next week doing a bunch of ass kissing to get one of the self important gate keepers of the local or national music scene to premiere my music video, thus anointing my new project with their approval.

They all always have us poor artists clamoring at their feet trying to get our stuff on their blogs.


I have a feeling I've already decided.

I'm probably just going to put it up on Youtube and make a big deal about it myself and then be grateful for anyone and everyone who shares it or likes it and if it's really great it'll grow by itself.

That's probably where I'm at.

Either way, I'm making progress and rolling along.

Happy Sunday to ya.

Put something sexy on, get out there, and enjoy the last of your summer.


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