I think I'm going to attempt to rewrite book two, the follow up to my Sidney story book one.

The publisher Gibson House Press said when they read it that it's way too long.

I didn't rewrite it or edit it down because I didn't have it in me then.

Also the publisher doesn't promise you they'll publish your shorter version.

You might just make it shorter but worse.

So I didn't do anything and now we have no book two.

I might as well rewrite it.

I'm a better writer now.

I know who likes book one and I know why they like it.

I know what questions people ask after they read book one and I know what they want book two to tell them.

Charles Dickens wrote many of his longer tales as installments in monthly magazines.

He knew what his readers were enjoying and where they wanted the story to go, or at least what burning questions they wanted answered.

Maybe book two will benefit from all my recent book club appearances and discussions at shows about Sidney and Preston and their miserable parents.

I know what basic events book two has to deliver on, maybe I can deliver them more succinctly.

For sure, I can probably work to deliver everything in my life more succinctly.

If you know what I mean.

I'm going to start book two over from scratch, not looking at the current manuscript at all.

This is actually exactly how book one really came to be.

I had written a long long long book, over five hundred pages.

It was the same story but just way long.

Then the publisher approached me and asked if they could read my manuscript and I snapped out of my self indulgent reverie.

I thought immediately that the manuscript was ridiculously long.

I knew I couldn't show it to them.

So I took six weeks at Rob's house, four or five years ago, and wrote a new one especially with them in mind.

And it worked.

Then I slogged through writing book two, maybe three years ago now.

I might as well do the work now and write the exact right story for book two.

If it's really good someone in the publishing industry will take it.

It just has to be really good.

No, I don't want to self publish.

I really want my literary efforts to be circulated through the proper channels.

It's just a dream of mine.

New York Times Book review.

Try or die trying.

Have a great day!

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