rainy morning......

Praying for salvation, mmmm

praying for a new way, mmmm

looking for a silver lining

on this rainy morning


it's like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

wish I could fall back to sleep instead

but we been heading different ways for a while now

can't remember which side used to be mine

praying you'll come back around


I pray you'll come back around, mmmmmm


I was looking to the East

when you were mired in the Midwest

I was looking to the West 

when you were packing up and heading South


Meet me in the middle babe

take away the pain we made

You can put the stars back up in the sky

by the way you love me

and I'll love you right back again


I'll love you right back again, mmmmmm



This morning rain reminds me of the days we spent

curled up inside the nest we made


Thunder doesn't rumble round here no more

steady drops on our windowpane

wash away this mess we made

pray that we can start again


I'm ready now to meet you in the middle

and love you forever

we don't need to see the sun right now

all we need

all we need is a rainy morning....


all we need is a rainy morning.............



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