raining and we haven't left yet...and link to live appearance this evening

So, the camping trip is being postponed by many factors outside our control.

However, we've never been so well prepared.

Last night we raided our own camping supplies and had a glass of the camping sauvignon blanc with a bit of ice and some of the spiced nuts and we talked.

We realized that the last time we took out the camper van was the summer we did the Up North Tour and played six shows in a week across the Arrowhead region and out to Grand Marais.

This was in the days of extreme debt and poverty for me and the shows were very well attended and well paid.

We hardly slept in the camper at all because people gave us rooms many of the nights.

And we never had to cook as campers, we had wonderful meals provided at every stop.

The tour was a success, the old 1970 Volkswagon camper van sailed along mightily.

Last night we talked about how we haven't actually gone to Rob's family's favorite campsite in Wisconsin in years.

Three or four years.

Strange, because in my mind we "go every year".

Rob had his favorite genius mechanic make a house call.

They got the camper up and running and they drove it up and down the highway and through the neighborhood.

It needed brake fluid but that's about all.

Of course I'm praying it won't suddenly decide to need anything else in the next few days.

But Now It's Storming Outside.

We spent yesterday preparing and there was just so much to do.

All the old camping gear was sorted and washed and renewed.

New small flashlights were purchased.

New pillows and pillow cases were purchased.

Sleeping bags were washed and left to dry in the sun.

A new system of sprinklers on a timer was set up in the backyard for our precious gardens we've worked so hard on this summer.

The cook stove got new propane mini tanks.

The new red canopy that gets set up over the picnic table got new bug screening as well.

Okay, enough preparing, let's go.

Now it's storming at 6 a.m. and it's supposed to storm all day here and in Wisconsin.

We paid for yesterday night, tonight, tomorrow night and the next night.

Rob said he always thought we'd miss at least one of those nights.

After we sat and realized we haven't actually gone camping ...primitive camping...in four years, we felt better.

We agreed that being well prepared was what it was about this time.

We agreed we'd go camping one more time in August and maybe even one more time in September.

We'll be ready to jump in and go next time, in our well oiled machine.

My son is throwing the family canoe on his car and driving to Wisconsin to be with us.

Now that it's raining he said he'll come later this evening to be ready for morning fishing tomorrow.

I don't fish but the guys do, but I'm happy to cook the filets!


It's not easy.

It's not like having your own cabin.

But having your own cabin is a lot of time and effort.

Our city garden would be nearly impossible if we had a cabin right now.

Everything in due time.

Some day I want to rise from my very own bed, walk to the gentle shoreline, and slide my canoe into the sparkling water at 6 a.m., journal and guitar in hand.

That day will come.

In the meantime, we camp.

Also, to complicate matters significantly, tonight I'm live on a zoom type broadcast, playing my new song "Hope 2020".

Here's the link if you want to tune in:


This young woman asked for special songs written with a hopeful message during these difficult times.

She chose my song for tonight's show.

I'll be broadcasting from the campsite pavilion, possibly in pouring rain, tonight at 7:30pm.

Unless we stay home one more day.

Love from rainy Minneapolis.



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