Queen Of Your Life

I'm the Queen of my Life.

You're the Queen or King of Yours.

What does that do for you?

Life is too short to be little.

If you were the queen of your life what would you do?

Would you dream bigger?

Would you be more magnanimous?

Would you put on your nicest jacket instead of saving it for when you go to your friend's house?

Would you prepare your favorite, absolute favorite, foods more often?

I'm the queen of my life and I want to see my beloved New York City.

I want to see how they're doing, how it's doing.

Recently there was an article in the Wall Street Journal that talked about how America needs NYC.

America needs NYC like France needs Paris.

I need NYC like I need the clear cold water of Ely, Minnesota.

My Queen of my life dream would include a cabin on a clean water shoreline in the Great North.

My Queen of my life dream would also include a loft in SoHo, down on Mercer Street, near the Pain De Quotidian on Grand.

Remember that one, with the huge windows, the massive farm tables?

Rob's house n Minneapolis for everything else.

The two extremes to make life worth living.

I'm thinking of buying an ultra cheap plane ticket to New York for October.

My favorite Solita SoHo Hotel has rooms for $100 a night with two double beds.

My daughter Nina, who has lived eight years of her adult life in NYC, wants to go too.

The whole trip, for three nights, would cost each of us $300 with the two plane tickets and ur favorite hotel for three nights.

Wear masks, wash hands a lot.

Hardly bring anything, just a small rolling bag and a guitar.

Tobi stays home with his Dad.

I think we're gonna do it.

NYC has the subways deep cleaned and rolling.

NYC has outside seating everywhere and they've drastically reduced their new cases of the Virus.

Today is September 11th, which for them is a tragic memory.

This Virus has hit them arguably as hard or harder.

But America needs NYC, and I need NYC.

I want to buy the tickets and make the reservations today in support of my favorite big city.

Two of my three children went to college there, at NYU.

Strange coincidence.

They always knew their mother had NYC tattooed on her heart.

I went there when I was in my early twenties and it was a wild shit show of a ravaged place.

Scavengers and hawkers on every corner, literally grabbing at my elbows.

Pounding loud music blasting out of one-off clothing shops in the massive ceilinged newly reclaimed industrial buildings down on Mercer.

Sushi bars.

NYC got tamer and tamer, richer and richer, since then.

SoHo turned into a shopping mall.

But now, maybe now, we can see what the bones of the city are again.

Maybe now there's a new chance for new imaginings, new reinventions.

I love reinventions.

I am a constant reimagining of myself.

I am the Queen of My Life.

And you can't slow me down.

Join me by being the Queen or the King, or both, in your own life today.

Long Live New York City.

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