Puppy Day

Today is puppy day.

A fan wrote to me last night offering to help fund the $600 rescue puppy from the Humane Society.

The thing about that little puppy was that she was not the kind of poodle haired dog that is best for my asthma issues.

The puppy at the private family's home, the little black Poodle/Shitzu is the same mixed breed as my last dog, my dearly departed little Aidan.

I have to pay to get this new puppy neutered if I get him, so the cost is going to be almost the same in the end.

People on Facebook flipped out over the Humane Society charging $600 for a puppy, but special little breeds like that puppy are rare in the rescue world, and she was already spayed and had all her shots.

There ain't no free lunch in Puppy land either folks.

I have searched my soul over this, ever since my good old Mom said it was irresponsible of me to want another mouth to feed right now.

I've decided that with my work schedule the way it is, where I'm home writing and working on stuff a lot of the time...and I spend a lot of time alone...that I really want to get this puppy while I have time to train him before the summer comes.

I hope he will be able to do a lot of things with me.

I have high hopes for him and for me.

So, I'm going to pay the family $350 and then I'll still have to come up with the money to have him neutered.

But I'm doing it.

My fans pulled together the $350 for me at the merch table last week, so that is a done deal.

I've read that the Humane Society does low cost puppy screenings and neutering.

Also my daughter Ava the animal whisperer in our family has dog insurance for all the dogs in her family from her work.

She says she gets 25% off on vet services including neutering.

She's looking into adding my new puppy to her insurance.

Who knew there was dog health insurance!

So we're all about dogs right now and it is reviving us all.

My kids are calling me asking when the puppy is coming home.

I walked into a gathering of fellow musicians last night and Rob had obviously already been talking about this because they all were congratulating me on my new puppy coming home today!

Word travels fast when you're getting yourself a puppy.

So, stand back haters, the puppy is coming.

I know there are so many older dogs that need rescuing.

I want my puppy and I want to train him while I have the time and energy.

If he lives a full life, I'll be in my mid-seventies when he dies.

So, this may be my last chance for a puppy and I'm going for it!

Love to you today!

Puppy will be home tomorrow morning and it may be harder to write...I don't know! 

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  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    Puppy Love!

    Puppy Love!

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