puppies and my mom and a performance at 7pm this evening

Yesterday we spent a lot of the day with my Mom and maybe that helped because she didn't call me last night.

I haven't called her this morning yet, so hopefully she's okay.

I also got a sudden urge to drive over to the Humane Society and look at the dogs.

I visited all of them, every single one, for at least a couple minutes, and then I decided to play with this one female puppy.

She's delightful, really a gem, but she isn't as hypo-allergenic as I'd like.

And they are charging $610 for her which seems so incredibly high, especially for a "rescue" situation.

Apparently at this moment in our culture, if you're buying a dog at all, you are "adopting" and "rescuing" and those words bring out a lot of feelings in people.

You aren't supposed to be thinking "how much is that doggie in the window" any more.

You are supposed to have the entire dog trading systems of North America in mind when you choose your pet.

It's a big burden, people.

So now the Humane Society is charging $610 for a puppy?

And it's sitting in a cage alone....just like at the pet shops of olden days.....hmmmmmmm.......

People like to make money, and they make it any way they can.

So then I drove with Nina and Rob to a Hispanic couple's very humble abode, where they had a black Poodle puppy.

They had the two parents as pets, right there for us to meet.

They live in a tiny apartment in an undesirable area of the city, forlorn looking streets with closed down businesses to be exact.

They only had one puppy left from a litter.


How unusual.

They said they gave away a lot of the puppies to relatives and friends.


And here was this one crazy zooming around black Poodle mix puppy, twelve weeks old, obviously very healthy and full of fun but maybe a little too high energy.


What's the difference?

I wish it was easier to pick out a puppy these days, I really do.

There's a lot of tension around the origins of these dogs and around who is making money and who is exploiting the animals.

Folks, we're all exploiting the animals.

If the planet was covered with herds of wild horses running free and wild dogs in their original state before we bred them to the point that they can't take care of themselves and can't survive in the wilderness, and there is no wilderness anyway, if all the animals were running free and healthy and happy that would be different.

But we have exploited all the animals for a very long time.

I just want a fun cute puppy to cheer up our dreary little home since Aidan's death.

I'm allergic to lots of dogs, because of their hair, so my choices are limited....and mostly limited to....the dogs that people sell to you for lots of money.

That's just how it is.

So, I'm going to scrounge up the money and I'm going to buy a puppy.

Yep, I am.

I don't want an older dog who someone had to let go.

I just lived through an end of life experience with my dog who I got as a puppy.

I want to reset the clock with a brand new bouncy little puppy.

Rant over.

Tonight's my Parkway Theater performance before the Harold And Maude film.

That should be super fun!

7pm to 7:45pm. The film at 8pm.

Okay, the search for a puppy continues.

Ideally, I want a mid size Poodle mix puppy.

There, I said it.

The right puppy is out there for me somehow.


  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    Visualization works every time.

    Visualization works every time.

  • Courtney Yasmineh
    Courtney Yasmineh
    Josephine! You're so right. Rob just reminded me that I was talking about a big curly poodle, maybe even a black or dark brown one. Well, this little guy is going to be close!

    Josephine! You're so right. Rob just reminded me that I was talking about a big curly poodle, maybe even a black or dark brown one. Well, this little guy is going to be close!

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