praying for further guidance

Today I pray for guidance for the coming days, the coming year.

Last night I played with Rob and JJ and I thank God for their willingness to be a part of my journey.

Our friend Tim Houlihan and Jon James each played a solo piece of their own composition as well last night, and I was struck by how much pride and gratitude I felt in knowing each of them, both such good performers on acoustic guitar, such good singers, such thoughtful and erudite songwriters.

Also, thanks and gratitude to the couple in the back who asked me if I needed a manager, to which I heartily and sincerely replied, "Hell yes."

It would be so great to have help.

So, today I walked to the grocery store and now I'm making a quiche with a lot of fresh vegetables, shallots, mushrooms, broccoli, small heirloom tomatoes, gruyere.

And roasted potatoes too.

I don't know anything except that I love to deliver a concert like the one we gave last night, a little bit folk, a little bit rock, a little bit punk rock, a few poignant stories, a few jokes, some clowning around, the comradery of fellow pirates on these stormy seas.

Land is not in sight.

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