possibilities all around

We're going camping next week with my 24 year old son and my eight month old puppy.

Rob is working on his 1970 red and white Volkswagon camper van this week to get it ready.

I like camping, it's creative.

Rob makes it very creative.

One thing I'm realizing about Rob is that if I encourage him and don't dim his hope with my control issues then he tries naturally to provide avenues for my creativity.

He provides the ingredients for me to make dinners I've made for him before that he wants to have again.

Haha, that's one of the most obvious....like "Hey Courtney remember when you made that really good Caprese?" and suddenly there is fresh mozzarella and a bunch of multi-colored heirloom tomatoes in the kitchen...this happened just yesterday.

Or when I said I'd make a new set of handwritten small books called "The Northwoods Series" and a set of forty blank books arrived two days later in the mail for me.

Rob is setting up camping this way.

He and my son bought a canoe last month, a used aluminum one, not too heavy, not too tippy, flat bottom, just the kind I like.

We're bringing it camping.

We're going to the spot where Rob's family has camped all Rob's life.

We've reserved the two campsites on the hill, overlooking the tiny uninhabited lake.


Very primitive campsite, no electricity, no showers, but also no people during the week for the most part.

I'll be encouraged to write, to swim, to canoe, to play my guitar, to hike with my dog, to cook all kinds of delicious stuff on the cookstove set up on the picnic table.

There'll be two picnic tables, one for dining and activities and one for cooking and preparations.

One will have a canopy over it and the other will have a canopy and a bug screen.

Red and white checked oil cloths on both, red metal oil lamps too, red and white tin dishes.

I don't love it when it rains while camping, but with the camper it's kind of fun to sit at the little table inside the camper with the little lights on and play cards in the rain. And we're up higher for sleeping in the camper and it's always nice and dry.

Possibilities abound.

Camping, canoeing, swimming.

All for the price of a tank of gas, thirty dollars a night for the campsites, groceries, bug spray.

I feel lucky to be alive and healthy.

I'm letting my life lead me.

I would never ever in a million years set up a camping trip.

But I'll ride along in the back seat of the camper van with Tobi on my lap!

Life is but a dream.


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