porch concert tomorrow!

The third of four porch concerts is tomorrow.

I feel that they're very helpful to me as a performer and an artist.

I want them all to be sold out and last week would have been but a couple of people switched their date to tomorrow.

The first one was sold out and it was a nice number of people.

Last week felt sparse to me and made me a bit nervous.

I still have several spots open for tomorrow.

Come if you can, I'll be very grateful for your presence.

My second thing to say is that I'm thinking about how to move forward when the unemployment compensation ends.

The government is planning to extend the compensation to some degree, although possibly not at the same amount we've been getting.

I have saved up quite a bit but will need to use some of it to live on and to make the new record.

I could do a kickstarter program to raise money with advance sales of the new album.

I think what I'd ell is a very fancy high end edition with extensive beautiful packaging.

That would be what the donors would be given when it's finished.

I'm very into designing something gorgeous.

Maybe it's artwork of my own creation.

I don't know.

But if these songs come together well, we're going to have something exciting to advertise.

I have no debts.

I have a small investment account started.

I have money saved up.

And I've got the songs coming along.

These things are all very positive.

I still have my health and my voice and I like the way I look.

It's a lot of good stuff.

My children are all healthy and speaking to me.

My Rob is starting to believe we're gonna make it after all.

My Mom is...doing fine it seems.

My Tobi is a gift.

My friends, my fans, and my supporters are all just the greatest people I've ever known.

Big rewards and big gifts come from big efforts.

On the issue of race in America, I was born into an unfair lucky situation.

I endeavor to do my part in eradicating injustice.

And for an artist like me, I can be a lover or a fighter.

I choose to love what I am, what I have, what I can do.

I choose to share my gifts in as positive a way as I can.

If everybody did that we wouldn't have a problem.

We all have to be who we are inside and out and use what we have been given.

Porch show tomorrow, 6-7:30pm. 

Write to me if you would like to attend... cy@courtneyyasmineh.com

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