politics in America

Politics with a small p in America.

That's me giving my opinion.

I don't have the most or the least knowledgable opinion in the country but neither do any of the other voters for the most part.

It's a democracy of the people so you have to trust the people in getting what they want.

That's the premise.

You don't want a leader who tells you what's good for you, you want a public servant who helps you get what you want out of the governing body in the place you live.

That's really it.

But when shit is way off track, which it seems to be in some ways, then you want a public servant who is also very strong and has a vision and has a keen governing sensibility.

No wishy-washy nice public servant will do.

Also, in my humble opinion, it is not at all about gender.

If your goal is to put a female in the White House, I feel you are missing the point.

Gender blind is the goal.

Color blind is the goal.

Age respect is also a goal.

Anybody who's a Democrat will do at this point, but not really.

Anybody who isn't a Donald Trump style Republican will do at this point, but not really.

We need someone wonderful.

We need someone who inspires us to work together.

We need someone who doesn't promise the good old boys of the industrial wastelands that things will be okay.

Mining, tobacco, guns, all that crap, has to be replaced with organic farming.

Take away their fracking and their pipelines and give everybody a hoe and a plough.

Make everybody into an organic farmer and let's feed the world the right stuff.

Also, make everybody into a forest ranger.

Give everybody one of them awesome Smoky The Bear hats and a shovel and send them off with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of seedlings.

Get everybody planting, fixing up trails, minding the wilderness.

Set everyone's minds and hands to good healthy work.

That's my position on everything.

I want to live in Ely, Minnesota and start farming there because it's getting a lot warmer and that's the new frontier.

My Dad used to say that the way to save our family was for him to teach Philosophy at the Vermilion Community College in Ely.

Pack it in on the goddamn stock market.

"Money's the root of all evil

it's treacherous, slippery, and vile

but the baker, the banker, the preacher, and I

don't think that it's gone out of style"

That was his pub sign that hung in our kitchen.

He loved that.

How do we make money and not wreck the world?

Okay, so, I think Bernie Sanders knows.

I think he's always known.

I lived in Vermont for five years, so that's where this is all coming from with me in case you're wondering.

Did you know that by the late eighteen hundreds Vermont was completely logged bare?

The beautiful hills we see now, covered in gorgeous Fall foliage every Autumn, those hills were bare dirt.

There are photos.

Vermont was replanted during the New Deal, by people who were out of work.

Brilliant President Roosevelt put them to work planting trees.

Bernie Sanders was a Senator for Vermont way back when I was having babies there in the late 1900's.

He was considered a crackpot by the rest of the country, but Vermont stood by him, stood with him, gave him his head as they say in the horse world.

He's not really radical, because, believe me, Vermonters are not really radical.

Radical is those crazy folks down in New Orleans who I love to death who let everybody walk around with alcoholic beverages on the streets day and night even when it isn't Mardi Gras.

Vermonters are practical and they're traditionalists.

They don't tear their old buildings down, they restore them, they renovate them, they make them into something new and useful.

And they love their forests.

Bernie isn't a woman, but honestly, it just isn't about that for me.

It's his long standing, strong as nails values.

He has lived his values all along.

I dig him.

Also, my kid Jordan digs him.

If my twenty-three year old can get very inspired by a man three times his age, the man is something extraordinary.

We need extraordinary elders who can lead.

Did you know that when baby elephants are orphaned they band together and they become destructive warring gangs?

They have no respect for authority and they fight all the time.

Young people need strong elders.

I believe this.

Yes they need women in the highest positions in the land as well, but Elizabeth Warren is not Bernie.

There, I said it.

And Joe Biden will be fine, but he's not Bernie either.

He's not Bernie at all and don't mistake the two.

Look at their backgrounds, their families, their childhoods, their careers up until now.

Not the same at all.

Bernie's got it over everybody.

Whether he ever becomes the president of America or not, let's hope he continues to be healthy and is willing to keep fighting the good fight for all of us.

He could just go off to his own little Walden Pond and read books all day, you know.

But he's willing to do this and I'm grateful.

Public servants are a rare breed and God bless them all.

Tyrants excluded.



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  • Sally
    Sally Woodbury
    I LOVE your thoughtful comments here, and totally agree...❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    I LOVE your thoughtful comments here, and totally agree...❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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