paying for the new t shirts today


A great fan and friend and supporter gave me money for the new t shirts to be made.  

I pick them up today!  

They're the design of the header on this website, on a black t shirt!  

I think they're going to be awesome!  

But, the money she gave me is mostly gone.  

I paid for the plane tickets and hostel bed deposit, for the conference in New Orleans, and the Facebook fundraiser money doesn't come to me for at least four more days, if not longer.  

I'm going to get the t shirts and give them my credit card and it will be very close whether it goes through or not.  


One of my favorite artist clients sent me her donation on Apple pay so I have that to help me through right now as well.  

I filled up my tank with gasoline yesterday in preparation of my drive to my house concert in Luck, Wisconsin tomorrow night.  

Luck, Wisconsin.  

We need Luck because there is a winter storm warning for the whole weekend in these parts and I want to play my show!  

And I want to bring my new t shirts and my books and my albums and all my cool stuff to sell to these great new fans!  


In the meantime, I'm feeling so many feelings about getting to go to New Orleans.  

The key words are.......  

what are they, friends?........  






Can I do these words consistently after pondering and preaching this stuff for a year or more now?  

The conference will be a test for me.  

I feel anxiety creeping in to my mind and my body each day as I'm mentally preparing for the trip.  

I'm so glad that it's five days because I feel I'll have time to really get it, really get the whole thing and take it in.  

An old quote from my Myers-Briggs personality test was "resist the urge to adapt and perform and instead try to be sincere."  

I agree with this at all times.  

The thing is that if you don't have an established code of personal principles to fall back on when you get stressed out, then this is much harder.  

In the past I've fallen back on lame habits like isolationism, bitterness, anger, discouragement, aggressiveness.  


So, when the situation isn't what you had anticipated or hoped for, what do you do?  

Be nice, be grateful, count your blessings, help and encourage those around you, pitch in to make things better for everyone.  

These are not skills my family taught me, but Life is teaching them to me.  

I just received an email from my Luck, Wisconsin wonderful hosts saying that maybe I should drive up today.  

I'm going to run around getting ready and see if I can get going today before the snow begins to fall!  

Happy trails!

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