our country feels unsure, unsafe, unlike what I think my European friends are experiencing

I don't like the way it feels right now.

It feels unsure, and even unsafe.

I wish I had my own cabin up North with a clear water shoreline of sand and pebbles and round lake rocks.

If you dream of it enough, will it come true?

My Europe friends in Germany, Sweden, and where ever else, seem to feel somewhat more encouraged about the Virus and the state of the planet.

My favorite Europe friends are having live music performances, just not with American artists like me.

America seems to be having so many problems.

I hope the election will lift us instead of sink us further.

I dream of my new album coming out, doing some inspired performances, traveling to the cities and the countries I love.

I dream of being able to have a retreat of my own to share with my family, but mine so I can fix it up the way I want.

I want to pick out the perfect shoreline piece of land, ideally with a little old-time cabin on it.

I want to fix up the old-time cabin.

I don't know if that means a year-round place or not, I don't know about anything, I just have these yearnings.

Seemingly impossible yearnings, but maybe anything is possible.

If you can see it in your mind you can have it in your life.

That's what the gurus say.

Believe Achieve.

You have to have money flowing into your life to do these things.

You have to believe that money flows from your source and your source is your faith that your creator is co-conspiring with you in this life.

My supply and my sustenance is my faith in my spiritual essence.

I'm being led.

I'm being lifted up.

I'm being shown.

I'm obeying the signs.

I'm doing the work I can do.

There's a reason you are exactly where you are today, this morning.

There's something very important in this moment.

See it, feel it.

This is how I'm going to get through this day.

Love and gratitude to you where ever you are and however you feel.


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