Oppressive males


In a book club interview last week I was asked...on Zoom...what other artist I have modeled myself after.

I answered off the top of my head that I think I have always wanted to be Willa Cather and Bob Dylan.

Willa of course was a maverick pioneer writer, authoring novels that chronicled the experiences of the European settlers in America such as "My Antonia".

Thinking about the pioneers made me think about oppressive males in the history of America.

I hate what White settlers did to America, starting with trapping and logging, continuing with their abominable disrespect for the Native Americans, and running straight on through with their unconscionable enslavement of people from Africa.

My God what a bunch of Godless, heartless, selfish, sinful creatures.

May I continue with this train of thought and say that I just finished Toni Morrison's "Beloved".

If you feel that you don't have a fully nauseating grasp on how the African people were brought to America and how they were treated when they were slaves and beyond, you should read this book.

It's also a well-written piece of true literary art so you can read it for that as well.

I just finished that, in all it's mystical and gruesome glory, and then last night we watched all four episodes of "Unorthodox".

I added to my psyche a better understanding of the extreme Orthodox Jewish culture.

Did you know that all the women walking around in Brooklyn in the long skirts and weird looking dark haired wigs actually have shaved heads underneath?

I didn't know that.

The men wear those long curls on either side of their heads and they put a curler in each side of their hair each night.

But the women aren't allowed to have hair on their heads at all.

This kind of aberrant sub cultural phenomenon is sickening and frightening and maddening to me.

Put this stuff in your brain and roll it around a little and get way off the topic of the fucking Corona Virus.

The Human Race has bigger problems, people.

All fingers point at White men.

Sorry but it seems that this is true.

Power, oppression, greed.

Those words seem to belong to White men.

Poor Rob Genadek!

He's the most kind and gentle and uplifting man I know.

I've been telling him about the "Beloved" book's many atrocities, and it's beauties as well.

Now we watched this "Unorthodox" program last night and Rob had to endure another discussion around Arrogant White Men.

We can't generalize, but we sort of can.

I just read an article about landlords in New York who are asking for sex from tenants who can't make their rent.

Although the landlords I had in New York were certainly not this way at all, I don't doubt that somebody still thinks this sort of thing can work for them.

Depravity, cruelty, oppression.

We are fighting a Virus, but let's not forget that the evils of the world rage on.

I want to be of help.

I want to use my brain, my heart, and my ability to be who I am and who I want to be, to help others.

Raising awareness is a real way to help, I believe that.

Raising consciousness is a real help.

Raising frequencies of love and compassion is a real help.

I write this blog each morning because I can't wait to write it when I wake up.

I make coffee and then I can't wait to write it.

I write it for me, to be sure.

But I also write it for you because it's knowing that you'll read it that makes me so excited to write.

You are half of this, you are three quarters of this, you are all of this.....

I wouldn't write what I write the way I write it if there was no you on the receiving end, so you are all of this.

I shoot from the hip, I take a shot, I guess and I do a quick aim, and I see if I can make a basket...like a free throw in basketball.

I don't warm up, I don't plan it out.

But I do it every single morning, for almost three years now, so I'm getting better at it.

Maybe, but I might also be getting sloppy.

I don't know.

But this is fun as hell for me so thanks for doing this for me.

I hope something about this returns the favor to you.

Down with oppressive males.

Up with fair and kindhearted people of all races!

Up with Mother Nature!

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  • Paula
    Paula Home
    Some people need a keep on trucking, others, keep on believing, you dear lady need a keep on writing. ❤️

    Some people need a keep on trucking, others, keep on believing, you dear lady need a keep on writing. ❤️

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