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I found out over the weekend that some other music artists I love and admire have not been doing these online shows at all.

I've only done one of my own, over a month ago, and several other small cameos by invitation.

Some artists have done shows once a week, some have done them once a day...literally.

I'm going to do an online concert this coming Saturday night from 6-9pm.

I'll set up a link and have it ready for you very soon.

I'm going to play and sing and talk and hopefully we can have fun! Have a few laughs! Have a good cry! Whatever it takes!

Lift that baby right up off the ground!

That's a Neil Young line.

My son loves Neil like I love Bob.

But I'm very surprised to say that I'm getting into Neil Young more and more because my son loves his music with such a passion.

Jordan's been coming over and picking up a guitar almost every day.

He plays the songs for me.

We discuss chords and fingerings, voicings.

We discuss whether he should try to sing up like Neil does or sing low instead.

I sing harmony like Emmylou did, and like Nicolette Larson did.

I'm being taught a new side of the history of folk rock that I left out during those years.

I'm being brought back around and given a chance to reconsider.

The beauties of life are often unexpected.

Nina leaves tomorrow for a month in L.A.

She was originally going out there in part to date a guy she'd known in New York and reconnected with recently.

Then that guy got himself a girlfriend.

But there's been a guy here in Minneapolis who's been a good friend to Nina and that guy has suddenly broken up with a girl.

Suddenly Nina and this guy are both free, and they're both freelance photographers, and this guy has been wanting to spend some time in L.A.

So they leave together tomorrow.

They're taking Nina's car as she wanted to, but they're sharing travel expenses which is so nice for her, so nice for them both.

I'm relieved because my daughter is traveling with a friend instead of alone, cross country.

But I'm also delighted because life has handed my daughter a new bouquet of flowers to consider.

How lovely.

When they arrive, Nina has rented a free standing tiny house for $900 a month, month by month so she can decide whether to stay longer as she goes along.

Her friend plans to fly back to Minneapolis whenever that seems right, could be immediately upon arrival, could be.....?

I'm happy that my daughter, who's turning thirty this year, is embarking on a new adventure in the midst of world chaos.

As we've been saying, we're fairly confident we lived through the Virus already and we probably have some at least temporary immunity built up.

If her place is nice and she's happy there, I'll be catching me a cheap flight to L.A. for a visit!

Fear won't stop me! (I promise to wear a mask and not get too close to anybody.)

So by this coming Saturday night when I do my concert she may be in California.

We'll have the house to ourselves, Rob, and Tobi.

My mother goes back to her apartment today.

I feel that she is either able to live there or she isn't and we can't avoid the inevitable.

Her condition is serious and it's scary.

I won't be able to have her here at the house again.

It's so draining, it's so disruptive.

It's creepy and frightening.

How one little eighty pound lady can wreak havoc on the peace and stability of a home.

It's just too much.

Medications or not, there's no turning back the clock, there's only going forward.

She is going to need someone to reassure her that "they" aren't doing all the things she thinks "they" are doing, all night and day, and that person is not me.

That's called assisted living.

I don't know what else to say about it.

If she didn't take medicine to keep her heart healthy maybe her body would have naturally given out around the same time her mind was going.

I don't have a crystal ball for this, but whatever happens it isn't going to happen in my home.

In life I know that helping others can't be at the expense of your own health and sanity.

And my Mom is going to have to get professional help because there are other people counting on me too and one person's plight can't bring me down with them.

Monday morning.

I drive my Mom at nine-thirty back to her apartment.

Today in the afternoon Nina's going to help me make a photo for my show poster.

And maybe a small video to promote the show.

Tomorrow Nina leaves.

The next morning, on Wednesday, Rob and I and Tobi will have this whole house to ourselves and it's going to seem like a mansion.

Take heart my friend, new delights await us if we can but stay the course.

Have a beautiful Springtime Monday!

See you Saturday night!


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