one woman writing every day

I am one woman writing every day.

Last night during my screenwriting class I realized that my screenplay is unlocking an important door in my psyche.

I want to unlock as much as I can of the mysteries and secrets of my parents' lives and my children's lives and my life so I can see clearly.

Seeing clearly is not easy.

I write the screenplay of what happened to me this early Spring and as I write it the meanings unfurl.

The songs I'm writing tie to the story of the screenplay.

The songs may get better if the screenplay story is cracked open.

Why did I think there was a story there?

How did I write the story as it was unfolding in real life real time?

Why am I seeing the answers now?

How do I know the story has the correct beginning middle and end?

How can I tell others how I felt and what I learned in song form?

I write every day because you have to write even the worst writing in order to get closer to the best writing.

I wrote a whole song yesterday morning.

I wrote a whole song this morning.

Are those songs gonna stick?

I don't know.

The new album is currently entitled "No Man's Land".

Courtney Yasmineh

No Man's Land


Hmmmmmmm.....ponderous of the title track........

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