on the radio live in studio session today

I'm driving to Northfield MN to be on Jessica Paxton's show today on KYMN radio.

I am delighted especially because Jessica is the show host who listed my Songs From The Open Road album as one of her top ten best albums of 2019 with The Highwomen, and Willie Nelson, and Lizzo, and....well, and all the cool people.

It wasn't a local list, but I happen to be local for her and that's awesome.


I'll play songs live on acoustic guitar, and we'll talk about whatever she wants to talk about!


Also, the last two nights I played out live.

I feel great about this.

Both nights I only brought the black Martin.

That guitar is sounding great.

Do you remember the asshole guitar tech who told me it was a piece of crap guitar and should never be played again?

Well, the nice guy at Twin Town Guitars fixed it a bit more for $50 and says it's perfectly good to go.

So far, it's been great.

I played a two hour show last night and it was perfect.

Rob Genadek showed up last night and adjusted the sound for me.


That guy is a true wizard.


How does he make it all sound sexy and classy like that just by adjusting a few knobs on the board?

I asked and he said, "Drop out some of the mid range."

So, there's your answer but good luck getting what I got last night at the little Finnish Bistro, on their little sound system.

I have never heard myself sound like that there before...and may never again...but last night I had delectable sound.

When I have the budget, I'm going to hire Rob to do my live sound even when it's a solo performance.

When we're on tour as a band and I do a solo song or two that's what he does.

He manages the sound anyway and I sound great.

But to pay him to do that in Minnesota would take all the money I'm gonna make that night.

This is another reason to keep fighting for the acclaim to command a decent ticket price.

It's coming!

I have some shows coming up where I'm getting all or most of a ten dollar door charge.

That's going to be my new normal and I will lift myself out of poverty and become solvent and you will finally be able to be proud of me.

I have seen the future and I know it is mine.

Love today to you where ever your journey takes you.

See you on the radio!


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