obeying the inspiration

My grown up kids told me to get myself a depop shop so I did.

I sold two things yesterday!

So far so good.

I'm really into this overhaul my whole life thing right now.

Some people are afraid to get rid of old stuff.

I'm one of those people.

I get afraid that I'll regret letting it go.

I'm also afraid of digging through boxes and having the flood of old memories that comes with that.

But we can't be slaves to our possessions.

If the stuff is under your bed or in your closet or in your basement and it isn't being used, or worse, it's broken or has missing parts and can't be used, it will weigh you down.

Depression is chemical and is medical and is in your brain.

Okay fine.

But discouragement can slow you down, paralyze you.

Discouragement can come from a feeling that is subtle, in the back of your mind, not conscious.

Discouragement can keep you stuck.

I am finding that getting rid of the old stuff makes room for new possibilities.


I'm sure everyone else already knows this.

I'm sure I already knew it too.

But it's fun to rediscover it.

My closet seems like a bottomless pit right now.

It's the guest room closet in Rob's 1910 two bedroom one bath small bungalow.

It's not that big of a closet.

But I just keep discovering things that seemed important and that now just aren't.


If it doesn't sell on my new depop site, then it goes to Buffalo Exchange.

If Buffalo Exchange doesn't want to buy it, it goes to charity.

I don't want to stare at a closet full of nice clothes saying, "I have nothing to wear."

One of my favorite fans sent me a message about this.

She sent me a photo of myself in a black leather jacket with embroidered flowers and silver studs.

She wrote to me saying that I shouldn't get rid of that jacket because it's one of her favorites.

I wrote back saying that I promise not to get rid of anything like that.

It's not even so much my performance clothes.

It's my off duty clothes that are weird and clogging up my life.

The off duty clothes are where I try on a million different styles to see what new ideas I might have with fashion.

So, anyway, I'm not getting rid of the favorites.

And if cleaning up and getting out from under appeals to you too, just remember, you don't have to get rid of your favorites.

You just have to get rid of stuff you haven't worn in like five years.

So, sorry if this is not your favorite Courtney Yasmineh blog topic, but htis is where my head's at and I write this blog by inspiration only.

One last thing to say is that it's freezing rain outside today in Minneapolis and people are getting into crashes and filming themselves ice skating on the sidewalks.

So my compulsion to get down to the bottom of my closet is a good activity for today.

Nina just made homemade banana muffins with chocolate, pecans, and coconut.

I've got it made!

Have a beautiful day no matter what.

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