Northwoods and The Great Lake They Call Gitche Gumee

I had a great weekend working up in Grand Marais. 

Working is definitely what I was doing.

I walked into a coffee shop that I love and the girl at the counter said, "You must be a musician because vacationers don't look like that and the locals certainly don't."

Okay, yeah, I was dressed up and representing for my brand called Courtney Yasmineh.

But I had fun doing it!

I stayed with fans and friends who are wonderful gardeners and I got to see their extensive and fabulous gardens one afternoon.


I also ate some beautiful Lake Superior fresh caught white fish that was grilled and delicious.

The radio show was great because the DJ asked about my latest blog posts in addition to my novels and my new album.

And the show itself was fun and boisterous, and lucrative, so nothing to complain about there.

I returned yesterday to Nina and Rob and Aidan, and everyone was happy because the weather has cooled in Minneapolis.

Tonight I play as my touring trio with Rob and JJ at the Aster Cafe opening for a touring band from Arizona.

This should be a good show.

See you soon!

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