Northfield Reunion!

Last night my TRIO (so excited to be reunited with them) played at a place called Reunion, and it was a reunion to be sure!

Rob and JJ and I were reunited after a long holiday break, the last time we played being last November.

And also there were so many great fans there!

We had a full house and a great night!

The place is beautiful and only about a year old.

It's a gorgeous renovation of an old building on the main street of a venerable old college town.

It's part bar, part fine dining, and the upstairs has a true music hall with doors that close to the noisy outer bar.

This is maybe my fourth show there, but the first with a real, engaged full audience.

Just the way we like it.

People yelling, "we love you Courtney" between the songs.......I mean, not constantly, but more than once...let's have more of that!...I love that.

People sending up drinks for the band.....we each got a twenty dollar tab from the venue which doesn't go far once we ordered some appetizers for our break at 9:30.

Oh my God, so much fun to be bellied up to the bar with me mates again!

Just like old times, feeling like a pirate all over again!

It's a swashbuckling life to play shows like that in towns like that, all over America, all over Europe, anywhere they want to hear me play.

When I play solo, which I love to do, I'm in control and I can do whatever I want, and that's pretty darn fun.

But there are many advantages to playing with the guys.

One is that I didn't have to drive! Which meant I had an extra glass of wine...which I definitely did not need but it's okay because I didn't have to drive home then either.

I usually have one or two glasses of wine at my shows, start to finish.

A third is not an option unless I'm staying nearby or driving with the band.

Well that's probably a good thing because that third glass is just trouble anyway...fuzzy recollections and a headache in the morning.

I rarely if ever go as far as the fourth glass or beyond unless I'm out with Rob and some of our oldest and dearest friends and there's a six hour dinner where the glasses are constantly being refilled with a wine that is perfectly paired to the next course....that's the kind of dinner that should only happen like twice a year at most because it'll ruin you for days.

I know so many friends who are cutting back on their alcohol intake, or stopping drinking alcohol completely, or struggling with a habit of drinking way too much.

I have two different female friends who have said to me that they can drink two bottles of wine a night when they're really stressed out.

These are women I love and respect.

I don't want them to hurt their bodies and souls that way.

My middle child, my beautiful and brilliant Ava Vaughn, can sometimes be in the throws of this sort of habitual abuse.

It's not "alcohol abuse" as much as "abuse of your body and soul by drinking too much alcohol".

I like to think of our bodies as animals, beautiful wild beasts, that we as the conscious mind are the stewards of.

I am the keeper of my incredible body.

You are the keeper of your incredible body.

My soul presides in this temple.

I tend this temple with love and care.

When the French put the funnel down the gullet of the goose to overstuff him and engorge his liver to be eaten by us later as the delicacy called "foie gras", the goose supposedly doesn't mind or even begs for the funnel they say.

I was once in a French restaurant in Minneapolis, a truly excellent place, that served a very good foie gras.

We were telling the waiter how much we loved the foie gras and he told us that a couple had come in recently and the wife kept ordering more plates of foie gras and that the kitchen had to "cut her off" at seven orders because they thought she might have a heart attack and die in their restaurant the way she was going.

I want to feel good in the mornings, I want my clothes to fit, I want to look good in photos until the day I die, even at ninety-five.

I want to be able to remember all the lyrics even when I sing twenty-six songs in a row with all their verses like we did last night.

If you're going to attempt to succeed later in life you have to be vigilant.

I'm okay with that.

I actually enjoy being vigilant about things.

Today I'm taking Mister Puppy, our little boy Tobi, to get his first bath and nail trim for $30 at Petco near Rob's house.

It'll make him a better puppy to have to deal with the whole experience, and his nails are starting to ruin my fishnet stockings and this cannot happen.

I have the rest of the day free and I've decided I'm going to write a new set of handwritten small books for the big show on March 6th in Nisswa, so I've got to get on it!

Also, I need to work on my screen play scene for this week.

I plan to go for a jog and eat a healthful omelette with fresh herbs for my midday meal.

No rosé, all rosé-ed out today.

Love to you, thanks for reading.


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