Today I drive to a town called Nisswa to put on a show!

This is a great honor for me because they've been doing this for forty years...I think they said forty....and they only choose six national acts per yearto perform for their concert series.

They give you a hotel room, a dinner and a very fair guarantee of pay.

If they love your performance they may shower you with love at your merch table.

I'm doing a very similar series in Maine in July, same format, and some of the same national artists as well.

I'm doing something similar in Ely this summer as well and it's some of the same artists there too.

I guess I'm starting to be part of a Folk circuit of touring in America.

But I don't consider this a destination.

At this level of touring artists are showing up solo in their own car with their merch and their guitar.

I want a TOUR BUS and my guys along!

I want a tour manager who runs the merch table with me.

I want my friend Joe to come along and film it all.

I want want want want.

That's okay, it's good, it's healthy.

I worked with another artist yesterday, consulting on her songwriting and performance development.

She talked about having short and long term goals and not being afraid to speak her intentions.

Big goals are not something to be ashamed of.

Once a friend told me she didn't think I should tell anyone about trying to get my manuscript published.

She said I shouldn't tell anyone that a publisher was considering it.

She said that if it didn't work out I'd have to tell everyone, but if they didn't know, then I could keep the failure to myself.

We aren't friends any more.

Not because of that, but probably partly because of that.

As you well know, I'm telling all, all along the way.

If they don't know you're trying to get it published they can't be part of the joy when you finally do, which is what did eventually happen to me.

I read a funny thing about what differentiates each of the signs of the Zodiac, and for mine which is Aquarius it said narrating everything as it's happening all the time.

That's so weird, I don't know if that's true of all Aquarius people but it sure fits me.

When I garden I narrate out loud what's happening..... "okay that's it for you free loaders, you're out of here"....stuff like that.

So today I'm driving to Nisswa to put on a show.

I'm very excited to make a set list, to decide what to wear, to check in to the hotel and take a nap, to warm up and go do a sound check, to set up my merch table with my twenty new copies of my novel and my new set of t shirts and my new set of ten handwritten small books, my CDs, my red vinyl.

They are having a spinach lasagna dinner for me before the doors open, with the organizers, that sounds great to me too.

I'm excited to choose an opening song.

I'm excited to try to tell these new fans, undecided about me as they may well be, who I am and what this is all about for me.

It's a tall order, this phase of my career, when they don't know me yet and they'r taking a chance on me.

Some of the other six artists they chose have been coming to their series for many years.

One of those artists is Bill Staines who I believe has played for them like twenty times.

So I have a big day and night ahead.

But it's not about winning them over really.

Once you're there, there's nothing you can do but do what you were going to do anyway, do what you always do, do what you know how to do and what you believe in doing.

Keep your pact with your God.

If you do that, the people will get on board the Peace Train.

Tomorrow morning will be Love From Nisswa, stay tuned.


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