I'm into newness, I always have been.

I'm inspired by change.

I've been asking everybody how they feel about the future of the world.

Many say they're very optimistic.

I agree with that.

If we planted enough trees all over the world right now and stopped some of our foolish practices we could turn the planet around.

If we follow through on our new insistence on liberty for ALL, we can save our societies and build better ones.

United we can work together to save the animals, save the coral reefs, save the oceans from plastics, save the forests, save it all.

The world has never been fixed in one state of evolution.

The planet has been through an Ice Age.

We are living through a transition period, caused certainly in great part by us Humans.

Us Humans are a part of the story of the Earth just like the dinosaurs.

And just like the dinosaurs, or whoever built Stonehenge, our time may pass.

So what.

We are created by the same hand that made the Dodo Bird.

We're no better, we might be worse.

If we wreck everything and we all die of terrible plagues and natural disasters brought on by our own selfishness and greed and stupidity, then we didn't deserve this Paradise of a planet in the first place.

The Great Creator creates infinitely from what I can tell.

The Great Creator has a whole Universe to play with.

What's one dinky planet that caved in on itself like a toothpick sculpture?

Start again someplace else and learn from your last failure.

That's what I'm doing every day right now with my songs.

I'm created in the image of my Creator and I'm creating with abandon too.

Some shit doesn't fly.

So what, move on.

Don't get too attached to your brilliant creation.

If it's got a fatal flaw, accept it and move on.

Nick Cordero died on his ninety-fifth day in the ICU.

He left behind him a beautiful wife and just-turned-one little son.

He was a forty year old Broadway star.

He was a songwriter.

And just a day or two before Nick lost his battle, a young woman jumped off the Mississippi River bridge near my house and plunged to her death in the wide deep waters.


Listen to the silence.

Pray for the grieving.

Pray for the dying and the dead.

And then look down at your beautiful healthy body that was created in the image of your Creator, just for you.

Look down and give thanks for your limbs and your beating heart.

Today is newness all around us.

Embrace what we can do to make this day better.

Let's do great new things today.

Start small.

I'm writing new songs each day, so many songs now, at least twenty-five new ones, but so few hold any promise.

It's something I want to be good at, that's all I can say.


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