New week, new fresh start

I'm glad Rob and I didn't break up over the weekend.

I'm glad I'm not looking for a studio apartment right now.

I'm also glad I took time to take stock of what is worth keeping in the life I have with Rob.

I thought yesterday about how our relationship is better than the sum of it's parts.

If I moved out of this house, all the light and joy of the home goes with me.

Rob said that last night himself.

But as I used my imagination to picture myself trying to move forward with my dreams and schemes in a new framework without Rob, I had no enthusiasm.


A lot of my ideas don't need Rob's help at all to accomplish.

What I felt is that my relationship with Rob provides a joyful and safe framework for me.

A firm foundation.

With Rob's kindness and support I'm confident and strong.

It's slightly embarrassing to say that I'm not as confident or joyful or strong when I think of Tobi and myself operating out of a third floor walk up studio apartment in Minneapolis.

It seems lonely and sad.

So there it is.

I'm choosing to be happy and I'm letting go of being right.

If you read about the quiche with "too many vegetables", Rob declared it a delicious success yesterday after all.

He mowed the lawns yesterday and they need to be raked today, so that's my first job of the morning.

My second job today is a social distanced artist consultation on the front porch with one of my favorite songwriters in town.

I'm living in Our house and I'm happy with My man and Our dog.

Feels good.

Have a happy day filled with kindness and tenderness.

We'll never regret the efforts we put in to developing our capacities for kindness and tenderness.

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