new song today

I lay awake in a half dream state

visions of sugarplums

me on the stage 

big shining guitar

like a sequin cowgirl

queen of the new folk scene


and I lay in a hazy daze of springtime in quarantine

the fever overtook me

and the black dog's eyes met mine

the holy ghost like a shadow

casting blessings over me


no more winter

and the grass smells so green

when I'm well again I swear

I'll treat you better than anything you've ever seen


come undone

As the Plague rages

I can hear the girl next door

getting loved up good and hard

and the neighbors are cheering


That's the way we used to be

before the long decent

into madness

took away our sadness

brought out the best in my mother and me

but you would not be deceived


The neighbors wearing masks drink martinis

The beautiful daughter out in back in her bikini

old men peer across the fence

old women bare their breasts

And I swear to God I'd come to their defense

if I could only stand 


I feel I'm losing my ability

to fight this wretched curse

that's trying to kill me


Bring out your dead!

Throw the bodies on the fire

turn your head!

We've been left without a way to wire home

to the families who loved us long ago

All I can say is during this difficult time

I still love you more than you'll ever know

and we've got nowhere else to go


It's too bad I couldn't have learned to hold my tongue

And the disgust

my mother taught me

to observe for all Mankind

couldn't have been undone

It's just too bad

Because in spite of all my cruelty

You surely must know you were the one


And when the day is done

I'll love you til the end of time


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