New Orleans!


I left my grief in Minnesota and I got on that plane in spite of myself. 

And I will never regret any of what has transpired. 

I loved my little dog so much but now he has set me free and I him. 

And I'm suddenly in a full emersion folk singer of the world situation! 

New Orleans is cold and rainy...not what I envisioned...but I luckily was warned by my daughter Nina as I was packing two nights ago, packing in blind grief from losing my little dog. 

He had a growth in his abdomen that was making all his organs and stomach shut down. 

He couldn't eat. 

He could barely walk. 

We wanted so badly to believe he'd get better. 

He did too. 

I see now he pushed himself to be healthy in the face of the fatal situation. 

I'm glad I sent him to his Maker when I did and didn't let it go on any longer. 

As soon as the vet told us, two mornings ago, I knew it was the answer, and Nina and Rob were there so we went ahead. 

Then I was packing for New Orleans and Nina was saying, "Mom it's colder there than you think...." 

And I repacked with more of my typical touring leather jacket and beret. 

The twist for New Orleans is I packed the three long "prairie" style dresses, small floral prints on black background, tiered skirts, puffed sleeves. 

So here I am, folk punk, high priestess of the open road, get it girl. 

Yesterday in the "first timers" meeting they told us if we wanted to at any time we could pick a spot on the five floors of the conference and just start playing! 

Today, it's almost nine in the morning, and I'm heading over to play! 

There are meetings to go to, but honestly, reading the profiles of the people speaking, a lot of them know just as much as I do about how I should go forward to succeed. 

I spoke with a couple people yesterday and they just can't be all that helpful when they don't know your performance style and your lyrics and your whole vibe. 

I don't have a showcase until a small cameo spot on Saturday night. 

So, the best thing to do is just start playing. 

If they'll let me, and it sounds like they will, I think I can meet more people who will understand me by doing that. 

I'm sitting in the awesome bar of my awesome hostel, having an awesome cream cheese pastry which I would normally never allow myself, but hey, life is short and what's a cream cheese Danish in the scheme of things? 

All I want to do is play for the people so I'm going to. 

I saw some people doing that last night, and honestly, they weren't that great or anything, sorry to say. 

I've done all those street shows and all those busking days and I can handle this. 

Plus, supposedly, these people are looking to discover new artists. 

Okay, people, here I am, come and get it. 

I will gladly play for your festival, your podcast, your radio show, your concert series, your indie record label. 

I'm ready and I must be here for a reason. 

I'll do my part and the Great Creator can rise up to meet me. 

The Destiny you seek is seeking you. 

In the meantime my dear daughter Ava has been searching for apricot colored Shitzu Poodle puppies and she's telling me that's my birthday present. 

My birthday is February 13th. 

I am being lead. 

I will obey. 

Bring it all on I'm ready. 

Thank you from my heart to yours for your support. 

Love from NOLA.

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