my supply

My consciousness of God as my supply is my supply.

This quote is from The Abundance Book that was recommended to me three days ago by a great female African American singer whose voice and spirit I admire.

To me this quote is something to contemplate until you internalize it's truth.

All the little signs like 11:11 that I'm always freaking out over are the arrows pointing me in the right direction and they're the thumb's up from the Universe or God or the Great Creator or the Holy Spirit along the way.

I realized in the past two years that people can't make you rich and famous.

You can't make yourself rich and famous.

You can't make people love you or respect you.

You can't make money appear in your bank account.

But what you can do is cultivate your faith.

You can watch for signs and obey them.

You can feel your gratitude expanding.

You can wake up and tell yourself that you approve of yourself.

You can believe that all things are yours because you are loved.

And you can see what bugs you in other people as the truth that it is and forgive those people for reminding you of what you fear most in yourself.

I thought about people who bug me in my life right now.

There are only a handful of people who bug me, and they bug me of Facebook.

Ha! Yes it's true.

I unfollowed and unfriended and did whatever I had to do to help myself mind my own business about these people.

But I had to come to terms with one ridiculous theme in my consciousness.

All of these people, not Trump, not anti-mask, not haters.....

people like that I removed from my Facebook feed long ago.

The people who bug me ow are singer/songwriters in Minneapolis.

Not singer/songwriters in London, or Bremen, or Amsterdam, or Buffalo, or Chicago, or Nashville or Los Angeles or New York.


How obvious of me.

I am bugged by singer/songwriters trying to get themselves noticed and get themselves heard, trying to cultivate their images, trying to succeed, trying to get attention.


Because they're in the same city as me, because they're at the same level of success that I am, because they seem to be vying for the same attention I'm vying for, they are a threat to my subconscious.

I see what they're doing with their music careers and it pushes buttons in my brain.

Should I do what they're doing? Why didn't I get invited to do what they're doing? What do they think of me? What do they think of what I'm doing?

These questions bring bad feelings.

It's the idea of supply.

Who is supplying my good things in life?

How am I getting my good things in life?

What do I need to do more of to get more good things for myself and for my music?

I've put these people out of my eyesight on social media.

But there's something much more important I can do.

I can send them well wishes.

I can wish them everything they're dreaming of in life.

I can pray that their concerts are well attended, that their inspiration flows with confidence, that their recordings and creations are well received by the world.

I can say their names and direct my flow of good energy towards them all.

I don't have to fixate on their every move, or be hurt or resentful when I hear that they're doing something nifty that sounds like something I'd like to do.

If you're skipping down your gleeful path of life and suddenly someone goes by on their gleeful path of life on a brand new turquoise motor scooter, are you going to stop skipping? You were having fun skipping!

Envy and greed can turn into malice.

Malice can make you ugly and mean.

I've done it all and I've been it all.

Maybe that's what Nanci Griffith means in "Hard Life" when she says, "I've been guilty, I've been war and I have been the root of all evil...".

Well, Nanci, I've been those things too, but it ain't no good.

My consciousness of God as my supply is my supply.

People can help you.

You must be able to love people and connect with people or your supply can't flow towards you.

People help each other in this world and people can help each other a lot moe than they're doing so far.

I will say yes if any of the songwriters in Minneapolis ask for my help in any way.

And I will meditate on flowing support and love towards everyone everywhere all around the world.

Let's get our minds straight and let's get the flow of generosity and abundance flowing.

Let's plant trees and heal the world.

Let's free the animals and people who are suffering.

Let's be nice nice nice and help all the angry people get happy.

Let's believe in our abundance and forget we ever thought there was a deficit of good things in the world for everyone.

Love from Minneapolis from me and from Tobi too.



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