my screenwriting class

I attended the last screenwriting class of this first introductory session last night.

Beginning screenwriting.

I got the basics down, but just barely.

I have a hard time writing this way.

Also, I have a hard time fitting in to the culture of the class.

I talk way too much.

I share every possible thing I can think of that ties in.

I'm annoying and selfish.

At the end of class we used to watch part of a film.

Now, we never have time at the end after we've studied people's scripts for the night.

I think if I didn't talk so much we might have time.

I'm the only female.

There were two others but they both bowed out weeks ago.

The men in the class are all of different temperaments and different backgrounds.

The instructor is brilliant and kind and articulate and cool.

I think he's so great.

But that doesn't stop me from interrupting him with all my tie-in ideas and extra thoughts.

Oh my God.

I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

That's for sure.

And I have enough self awareness to know that the guys are annoyed by me even though they also probably like about half the stuff I say.

Last night I told them that I can't come next week to the final make up session because I'll be on the trip to drive with my son from California to Minneapolis.

One of the guys said what the rest were thinking, "We''ll get more done if Courtney isn't here."

I said, "I'm sure that's true, but maybe you'll actually miss me."

The guy said, "Maybe."

It was all in good humor but it was all one hundred percent true.

Oh well.

I will keep trying to assimilate better.

It's one of my life goals.

I want to be able to be a healthy contributor in group settings.

I want to have healthy conduct in a variety of settings.

That's a big goal for me.

I can do it.

The good news is that everyone is signing up for the new session, going on to the advanced class that starts next month.

We're all going on together, plus there may well be a few new people.

I hope I can be a better classmate next time.

I'm glad I have a second chance.

Also, and of equal importance, I want to keep working on my screenplay.

I love it.

It's just sort of everything my songs can't be, it's everything my novel writing can't be.

It's a discipline.

It's a colossal learning experience.

Screenwriting takes a visual perspective kept in the front of your mind at all times, and I naturally think in words, not screen shots.

Thinking in terms of the "shot", what the movie goer will see next, is an amazing mind blower.

When I get asked, "but what should the audience SEE right here?"

I go blank....but I don't really...there's an just doesn't come to me naturally to extricate it.

I think of a knee jerk explanation first...more words...but the scene is actually rolling through my mind, flitting through like a butterfly.

Capture that.

That's my goal.

Capture that flitting image.

Okay, so screenwriting is fun and I love it.

On to the work of today.

Today I'm going to attempt to set up a songwriting retreat in the Great North for April, and another for May.

The one in April will be songs, songs, songs.

The one in May will be songs but also an opportunity to do a house concert and maybe unveil one or two of the new ones.

I'm going to get those dates on my calendar so I can plan to be a brilliant songwriter for a week in April and for a week in May.

You gotta have the vision, and set the bar high.

Love to you in your daily pursuits today.



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