my little darling dog Aidan has died


Yesterday was a beautiful and terrible day. 

My little dog Aidan who has been with me through everything in the past eleven years is gone now. 

In one day all the light went out of our home, our relationships, our lives. 

Aidan had been sick for about a week. 

It got to the point where he couldn't eat any food and hadn't eaten in several days. 

We took him to the veterinarian, a great guy we've taken Aidan to for his check ups for his whole life. 

The vet gave Aidan a thorough exam and we brought him back home thinking it was still possible it was a stomach issue that might still resolve itself. 

But yesterday he was worse than ever. 

Nina and Rob both went along. 

This time the vet did the tests I was putting off in part because I don't have the money for the tests to be done. 

Yesterday I brought the money for the conference, the money my fans gave me to go fulfill my music dreams. 

The tests revealed that Aidan had a growth in his abdomen that was making his stomach and spleen and other parts of his internal organs unable to function. 



Aidan hadn't eaten in nearly five days and he was in pain and had a lot of fear in his little eyes. 

I decided not to bring him back home. 

I was leaving today for the conference and Nina and Rob would be burdened with his care and with the decision to put him to sleep. 

So we were all there, the vet is a great sensitive man, and I decided to end Aidan's life right then and there while we were all present and before he got any more uncomfortable. 

Rob begged me not to make that decision. 

Rob was crying. 

Nina cried. 

I cried. 

Aidan was unable to walk, on my lap, panting with discomfort as he had been for at least forty-eight hours. 

There was no relief for him. 

I made the decision. 

We sat in a special room that has a sofa and the vet and assistant were very kind to us all. 

Aidan went to Heaven peacefully. 

What cruel moments we all live through in our lives. 

I feel still that I made the best decision. 

Rob is barely speaking even this morning as he drove me to the airport. 

Nina said she thought it was a beautiful experience. 

I sat with my beloved little friend's lifeless body on my lap and softly sang the old Dolly Parton song from the Trio album called "Dear Companion". 

"Oh have you seen my dear companion 

For he was all this world to me 

I hear he's gone to some far country 

And that he cares no more for me 

I wish I were a swallow flying 

I'd fly to a high and lonesome place 

I'd join the wild birds in their crying 

Thinking of you and your sweet face 

Oh have you seen my dear companion 

For he was all this world to me 

But now the stars have turned against me 

And he cares no more for me 

Oh when the dark is on the mountain 

And all the world has gone to sleep 

I will go down to the cold dark waters 

And there I'll lay me down and weep 

Oh have you seen my dear companion 

Oh have you seen my dear companion 

Oh have you seen my dear companion 

For he was all this world to me" 

I'm writing this from the airport. 

It's five in the morning and I'm headed to New Orleans. 

Nothing will ever be the same. 

I am being lead and all I can do is obey. 

The money I saved after the plane tickets is gone. 

It costs a lot to end your dog's life at the veterinarian. 

God bless my little Aidan. 


Josephine Lane January 22, 2020 @11:01 am 

That is so sad. I loved little Aidan. He always was so sweet to me when I came to the house. Time is Up but I'm so sorry that it is for him. My sincerest sympathy.

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